Octane Lighting provides classic car restoration auto part halo headlights for sale online.

Upgrade Your Antique Headlights

Visit our website to see our large selection of aftermarket halo headlamps and stock upgrade headlight options! Octane Lighting sells replacement LED DRL and Angel Eye Halos for classic cars. Our lights replace the old dim sealed beams and upgrade them with lamps similar to what comes on new BMWs and Audi's. Our headlamps have LED rings pre-installed already in them so it is an easy installation. Our headlights also fit in the stock buckets, unlike many of the other brands on the market. Octane Lighting offers incredible quality and value to bring you the best lighting on the market!

Headlight Styles Available

We have halo every color: white, blue, green, red, amber, multi-color (set to any color with remote). Our multi-color headlight options allow you to have the halos set to any color or flash or fade cycle through all the color options. We also have bluetooth controller options for a more sophisticated option of controlling your halo headlights. We have halo ring headlights available in SMD LED rings and COB Plasma LED Halo rings. The single color can be wired into your parking lights or headlights or a separate switch so you can turn them on separately when parked at a car show. The multi-color halo headlights have a controller that connects directly to the battery and controller with a remote or cell phone.

Years and Model Fitment

Our Headlights cover 1950's, 1960, 1970, 1980's, 1990's classic cars, hot rods, resto-mods, rat rods, pro street, and even stock restoration headlights! Halo Angel Eye Headlights give you greater visibility and also add safety by demanding to be seen by other motorists. Halo headlights are a real head turner and will give you that extra edge at your next car show! We have many options and style to match your cars style. You will have everyone asking where you got your lights and will make your ride a real showstopper!

Headlight Size Options