194 T10 LED Bulbs

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  • LED Lighting Mood Color Accent Tv Television Backlight Home Theatre Lights Kit
      PLAY VIDEO BELOW   Set to any color you want to stay on / fade / or flash! Use your home 110v AC Power (COMES WITH POWER SUPPLY) TV, STAND, SPEAKERS, DVD PLAYER ARE NOT INCLUDED! ON/OFF ON SOLID - WITH 16 COLORS TO CHOOSE FROM AND ADJUST BRIGHTNESS SET TO FLASH DIFFERENT COLORS OR SLOW COLOR CHANGE FADE 15 FEET OF LED BACKLIGHTING FOR TV, SPEAKERS OR ENTERTAINMENT CENTER (TRIM TO FIT) INCLUDES: LED CONTROLLER IR REMOTE 15ft OF RGB (RED, GREEN, BLUE) LED STRIP WITH 3M TAPE ON THE BACKSIDE SO YOU CAN MOUNT ANYWHERE. 110V (HOME) POWER SUPPLY   This kit allows you to have RGB LED lights flash, fade, or stay a solid color. Plug right into your home wall outlet and attach your LED RGB strip - Plug and Play - easy installation. With this kit you have the option to choose between 16 colors to either stay solid, stay solid white, flash, fade, vary brightness. This kit comes with a full function Wireless Remote to control the unit. This DIY LED kit is energy efficient and gives off very little heat so it wont damage or cause a fire. This kit has 3M tape on the backside of the led strips to it can be easily attached to backside of your TV, stand, or speakers. Includes controller, 15ft led strip reel, and wall outlet power supply. Low power, energy efficient, virtually no heat. Controller Specifications 1.Working temperature:-20-60` C 2.Supply voltage 12V (power supply converts voltage to home voltage) 3.0utput: 3 channels (connects one RGB strip) 4.C