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5-3/4" Motorcycle Amber COB Halo Crystal Clear Headlight & H4 6k LED Bulb Single
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5-3/4" Motorcycle Amber COB Halo Crystal Clear Headlight & H4 6k LED Bulb Single

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Octane Lighting



Amber Plasma LED Ring Can be Wired as a Daytime Running Light or Stay on with the Headlight

Fits: Harley Motorcycles with 5-3/4" Headlight Buckets

INTERCHANGE: H5006 / H5001 or 4000 / 5001

  • One New LED Headlight
  • 5.75" Round Crystal H4 Headlight w/ Amber COB Halo Ring
  • Crystal Clear Domed Glass Lens w/ Metal Back
  • Amber Plasma Halo Ring is Extremely Bright and Forms a Solid Ring
  • SAE/DOT Approved
  • 2000 Lumen Low Beam / 2500 Lumen High Beam
  • Daylight White Color
  • 360° Light Beam Angle
  • Brighter and Whiter than Stock Headlights
  • High & Low Beam Functions
  • LED Bulbs Work with Factory Wiring
  • Original 3 Prong Plug Design (Plug & Play)
  • Semi-Sealed Beam - Removable / Replaceable Light Bulb
  • For Motorcycles with 5-3/4" Round Headlight Housings
  • Qty: 1 (One) Headlight w/ LED Bulbs
 This listing is for one new 5.75" round 12 volt high/low beam crystal clear H4 conversion 3rd Generation LED headlight. Features an amber COB LED halo ring and includes one 3rd gen LED xenon 6500k super white LED bulb. The amber COB halo ring is extremely bright and lights up in a solid ring. This is a crystal clear glass faced headlight and it has a domed face unlike all all the others on the market that have a flat plastic face. This lights up much brighter and whiter than the standard stock style incandescent headlight bulbs. This LED bulb has the original 3 prong plug design on the back so it will plug right into the original wiring harness. This will fit any vehicle that has stock 5.75 inch diameter headlight buckets. Please measure your bucket before purchasing to insure fit. This is glass and we will take extra care in packaging.

Octane Lighting GEN 3 All-In-One H4 LED Headlight Bulbs: 2,500 Lumen Bulbs


The LED conversion kit to rival HID power is finally here! The Octane Lighting Gen 3 LED conversion kits come in all different headlight and fog light bulb styles. Not only are the new GEN 3 LED conversion kits as bright as an HID system, but the new design from Octane Lighting, does not require a relay or harness or special drivers.

The GEN 3 LED conversion kits from Octane Lighting have the driver built in to the bulb, which means there are no external parts to mount or plug in, just replace your old halogen bulbs with the new ones and plug them in like the originals.

The new GEN 3 LED conversion kits from Octane Lighting are the brightest on the market! Each dual beam LED bulb produces 2,000 Lumens of light and draws 18 watts of energy on the low beam setting; but produces 2,500 Lumens of light and draws 24 watts of energy on the high beam setting.

Specifications and Features:

  • 2,000 Lumens Low Beam / 2,500 Lumens High Beam Light Output Per Bulb

  • 360 Degree Light Beam Angle

  • 18 Watts Low Beam / 24 Watts High Beam Energy Usage Per Bulb

  • LED Light Color: 6,500K

  • Weatherproof Rating: IP68

  • Waterproof Ball-Bearing Fan for Cooling

  • Newest Technology All-In-One Design: No Ballast or Driver Required

  • LED Protection Circuit to Protect from Reverse Polarity, Low Voltage or High Voltage Spikes

  • Smart & Efficient Cooling System Uses Built-In Cooling Fan

  • Greater Visibility - 3x Brighter than Factory Halogen Bulbs

  • High Luminous Efficacy Flux: 2,500/2,000lm

  • High Quality Aluminum Heat Sink Ensures Proper Temperature Regulation

  • Lower Power Consumption than Halogen Bulbs

  • Vibration Proof Design

  • 30,000 Hour Lifespan

  • Easy Plug & Play Installation - No Modification Required

  • No Splicing of Harnesses Required for LED Bulbs

  • Uses 75% LESS Power than Halogen or HID Bulbs

  • 3x Brighter than Stock Halogen Bulbs

  • OBC Error Free Operation

  • Dramatically Improves Visibility at Night
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